Tell a Story

Today, during MMJ class we got to work with this very useful website. Storify is a social network service through which you can “tell a story” by using other people’s tweets, facebook posts, or Instagram.

Since my blog is about WAT, I wanted to find posts on the subject and create a short summary, a “manual” basically, presenting us every step of the way. All the dos and donts, all the the questions, all the who, what, when, why, how, all the worries and excitement.

Gotta tell you, it is quite fun to go through other people’s thoughts, comments and use them for the “common good.”


If you want to check out more about what I included, you can go on or on twitter.

PS: the one on twitter is cooler 😉

In the second half of the class, we got to play with Thinkglink. The purpose of ThingLink is to allow photos and other images to be made into web links, mainly for the purpose of advertising. Below is my way to explain what is WAT all about, but also it serves as a promotion for my blog. I need some advertising myself, you know. Don’t judge.

So, people, click on it and get some more knowledge. It’s fuuuun! You’d be surprised 🙂





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