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Hello from me again, your favorite (hopefully) travel agency.

This week I would like you to meet one person whom I have seen exactly one time. He and his friends were staying at the exact same hostel in Anchorage, Alaska where I was. I remember them preparing steaks and French fries, while discussing their previous times in the US. The guy that I am going to introduce you today is Tzvetan Romanski, a graduate from the Southwest University in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

Tzvetan’s story started from 2 years ago, his first time in the US. He had just finished his 3rd year of studies and decided to try out something different. Since everybody around him was talking about Work and Travel and how they all earned a lot in America, Ceco (as he likes to be called) and his friend Ralitsa set their minds and several months afterwards, they were at Sofia Airport, all packed up and ready to go…to Alaska.

Ceco’s working experience in Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska is indeed a very intriguing one. Both times he worked for the same companies. He met really good people, but he also faced some that were a real pain in the ass, as he says. Tzvetan believes that his job at one of the best-known restaurants in the world (namely, the one in Princess Hotel) is a really beneficial one, not only because he was able to practice his English a lot, but because he had a taste of what it is like to run a restaurant of this rank. This, he says, would be extremely helpful one day, as he graduate with a degree in Tourism. Ceco really liked his job, he had fun with all his colleagues, and the time was FLYING. Probably because he dedicated himself fully to it, the managers decided to promote him and by the end of the season, from a simple housekeeper, he became a lead host in the restaurant. However, it is not his jobs I want to draw the attention to. It is what happens when you go out and LIVE. Really live and get the most of your time abroad.

My dear adventurer travelled a lot around the US. And by “a lot” I really mean…A LOT. He made me so jealous of how many places he visited, how many beautiful sunsets he saw, how many diverse people he met. For these two years, summer 2013 and 2014, Ceco and Ralitsa got the chance to go to more than 10 different states. OMG, you are jealous, too, aren’t you? Who won’t be, my question is? I got so much information from him, he was so excited to share that it took him two hours to tell me everything he wanted to.

In 2013, Tzvetan had the opportunity to travel around Alaska. He flew to the highest peak- Mount McKinley, went rafting, hiking, and even visited Husky Homestead– a specialized place where husky dogs are being trained for big competitions that usually took place during the spring.

The second point they reached was an island, 3077.62 away from Alaska. An island which most of us are DYING to go to and have a romantic vacation with their loved ones. An island called Hawaii.

According to Tzvetan,

This is the place with the most stunning nature I have ever seen. Everything was so preserved, there was almost no sign of tourist activity. 

There, Ralitsa and Ceco spent 3 days, in which days they went to the beach and had a trip on a helicopter around the whole island.

After those 3 days had passed, the two of them hopped on a plane and went to Honolulu where they spent 2 days. While Ceco was telling me what they were doing in these couple of days, I felt like I have passed out and I was dreaming. They drank from coconuts, while lying on the beach and contemplating at the beauty of nature. On the second day, they sailed in the Pacific on a catamaran and they were finally able to see the true blue tint of the water when it is not mixed with sun lotions and other substances like in Sunny Beach. To Ceco’s disappointment, they could not dive with dolphins in the coral reefs, but he is pretty sure that one way or another, no matter when and where, this is going to happen.

From Hawaii, they flew to the City of the AngelsL.A. During the three days Ralitsa and Ceco were there, they felt like movie stars because you know… L.A. makes you feel that way. it’s inevitable. The first day they bought tickets for a trip around L.A, to the Hollywood sign, strolled along the Walk of Fame and passed by superstars’ mansions and castles. On the second they bought tickets for a VIP tour around Universal Studios, where for hours they walked by different sets, decors, requisites, live performances  and demonstrations. On the third day, Tzvetan and Ralitsa went to the Warner Bros. Studios where one of Tzvetan’s biggest dreams came true. Being a true fan of the Friends series, I could only imagine how he felt like when he sat on the couch where Ross, Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe drank their morning coffee every single day for 236 episodes.

After the fabulous 72 hours in LA, the plane took them to Sin City, also known as Las Vegas. Despite the famous saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, Ceco most willingly told me about his 2 days there. Mesmerized by the lights, he remembers almost nothing from how Vegas looks like. The sole fact that they were in VEGAS, implies that they would try their luck on the slot machines in Ceasers Palace Hotel. And again, the sole fact that they were in VEGAS, implies that they lost, as,you know,… the Casino always wins. It either takes your soul, or your money. They enjoyed the beauty of the Bellagio Fountains and had a crazy ride on the roller coaster around the New York New York Hotel and Casino, which, for him, was the most incomparable experience, full of adrenaline…. and screams.

The next day, Ralitsa and Ceco organized a one-day trip to Grand Canyon. On their way to the next destination- San Francisco, they stopped by the Yosemite National Park . When they finally reached San Francisco, our two tourists went on a cruise to the notorious island of Alcatraz and to the Golden Gate Bridge. Tzvetan told me that if he ever had to choose where to live in the US, San Francisco would definitely be among the top 3.

From San Francisco, they moved on to the next city- Monterey, California. Tell me this, what pops up in your mind when you hear “California” ? I personally, associate California with……Benjamin Franklin…and the Highlander and Orange County… meaning MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, RICH PEOPLE, HOUSES, MONEY. And from Tzvetan I learned that I am not far from the truth. Monterey is a really small city, with territory of barely 8.466 sq. mi. and population of around 27 000. But, oh, those 27 000 people…they sure have a taste in houses…expensive houses. The “cheapest” one, according to Ceco, was probably around a million or two, judging by the look.  It was a gorgeous place, not only because of the expensive houses and the Lamborghinis parked in front of them, but because it was not a usual tourist attraction and its true beauty was still untouched by the destructive hands of the masses. Ceco and his Ralitsa visited the Chocolate factory there and bought a lot of “souvenirs” for their relatives and friends.

From Monterey, they went back to L.A. where they had to catch the plane to the city which Frank Sinatra extols in one of his most famous songs… Neeeew Yooork.

From his time in the City That Never Sleeps, Ceco was rather disappointed, but not because he did not find anything interesting to do or to go to, but because he had a limited time…of only 1 day. He said that everything there is just so vast that they could not even reach Central Park. However, they went on a trip to the eminent Statue of Liberty, then had a walk around Manhattan, but for him this was not that important. His goal was to find that very special corner of Bedford and Groove Street. Don’t know what this means? Well, me neither…. or at least not until I googled it…. I guess, only true fans of Friends would know right away. : ))

After the final verse of Neeew York  was sang, it was time for Ralitsa and Tzvetan to go back home. To return to reality because every song…has an end. Their song lasted for 3 weeks and

Those three weeks were the best. I could only hope that the next summer would be even a bigger blast.

As you might have noticed, I did not include all ten (and more) states in this post, as I was not even halfway through and there were already 1500 words. And I do not want to torture my dear readers with extremely long posts. (trying to be nice here, give me some credit ha-ha)

I wrote only about his trips during the summer of 2013 so… if you are interested to read more about Tzvetan’s adventures in the US from this year, you’d want to stay tuned for another portion. I promise you- you will not even notice how fast one week will pass : ))

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